For Suli Group’s extra high voltage cables, only the most reliable and modern equipment is used to manufacture electric cables. Equipment is provided by only certified reliable suppliers from the United States, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, France and Italy. The equipment is tested and quality checked regularly to ensure that only the highest quality electric cables are extruded and assembled.


The Suli Group with local partners and joint ventures, continually invest in material research to introduce and improve our range of cables and wires. New polymers and local materials sourced are used to enhance cable properties and wire development.


Every year, the total investment in science and technology exceeds 3.5% of the total sales revenue. Suli Group has co-operated on many major business and academic initiatives in the area of cable and wire manufacture.

To ensure consistent and reliable electric cables, the company has managed substantial research with local public institutions, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Electric Power Research Institute, Tianjin University and others, From the joint efforts and investment an Institute for Cable Research was established to advance cable production expertise Over the past decade, Suli Cable Group has invested and attained over 153 national patents. Key objectives are to speed up wire and cable construction whilst introducing lower cost, more reliable materials. Since 2001, an research budget of US$0.8 billion has been invested towards cable development.